We are a Design and Printing Company. Whether you are a individual looking for a design, or printing, we have many options to provide what works best for you. We can print shirts, hats, bags, and all sorts of other apparel and fun items. We take pride in our work and quality is one of our top priorities. We have been very busy lately trying to really streamline everything. We have added a couple people to our team, which will really help with time frames, and deadlines. Customer satisfaction is another top priority. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have experienced shortages in everything from ink, shirts, even paper! With that said this will not stop us from trying our very best to fulfill  your order and/or request. We will be adding a company vehicle soon to allow for the possibility of FREE delivery on certain items/orders. This will also work towards advertising our name and be easily recognizable from a distance! We also may be partnering with a local Wrap company in order to provide that service to our customers all while promoting another local business. If you have any questions about any of the above info please feel free to contact us today!

We have been in business since 2016 (with name changes) and we have learned a lot along the way. We continuously train our team to keep them up to date on the latest techniques, and processes. We are now offering 3D printing and Laser engraving/cutting services.  

Message us today to see how we can bring your project to life!!

Eric Gidley